Get the most out of your outdoor experience. With the Activity app, you can easily search for open-space trails, see how far they are from your current location, track progress, and get timely weather updates to help you plan outdoor activities.
My Role(1/9)
As the user experience and interface designer I manufactured the applications layout, appearance, and primary functions.
Finding trails, planning your route, tracking your progress, and preparing for the unforeseen - these are just some of the challenges that outdoor enthusiasts face.

As a hiker, I wish there was a better online resource that maps hiking trails and compares statistics. It can be daunting looking at a trail page and wondering if you're ready for the challenge.
"Unfortunately my hiking experiences are often lackluster. Dripping in sweat, toes squashed by ill-fitting boots and socks soaked from sloshed-over creek crossings. I'm never prepared."
Just because something looks easy on a map doesn't mean it is.
Activity lets you know how much effort it takes to climb a particular trail, what you'll need along the way, when you should go, and it will even estimate your completion time based on current fitness levels.
Features that cater to the fitness enthusiast(5/9)
Search a comprehensive database of trails across the US, including trail specs like elevation gain and difficulty level. The app can help keep track of your hiking statistics too, including number of steps taken, distance traveled, calories burned, and speed. It integrates with Apple's Game Center to see how you stack up against friends on your favorite trails (and earn some nifty awards while you're at it).

Activity includes safety features that help you find your way if you get lost and can alert nearby hikers or authorities if necessary.
Creating an identity(6/9)
It doesn't take much to make life grand. Find the freedom to explore.
absorb the surroundings, not the devices.(7/9)
I aimed to create a distraction free experience for the modern explorer, designed with backcountry safety in mind. It's a way to recieve the right information at the right time, so you can stay present for what matters most.
Cohesive landing page(8/9)
Building a community of outdoor enthusiasts
Apologies to Mr. Tolkien(9/9)
Not all those who wander are lost... but some of them are. Activity can help.
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