Finesse provides its users access to hundreds of fitness classes in their area from a wide variety of studios and gyms, while simultaneously curating a monthly workout plan. Find and book a class anywhere with no visit limits and no extra log-ins or accounts required.
My Role(1/7)
As the user experience and interface designer I manufactured the applications layout, appearance, and primary functions.
Most of us have a hard time committing to a regular workout routine.
Finesse allows users to access unlimited workout classes at their favorite fitness studios and gyms, all in one easy-to-use platform.

We'll even create individual workouts for you each month based on your goals, health conditions, fitness level, and even the weather.
Clicking buttons on your screen is not enough, you need real support. Finesse makes it easier to find like-minded instructors that will create a realistic plan for you.
Style Guide(5/7)
The Finnesse fitness dashboard enforces a pattern and structure for its users. It is strict and has a sense of authority, while maintaining aspects of playfulness and fun to create an attractive user experience.
Final Layouts(7/7)
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