NHRA graphic
Develop a functioning instant replay graphic for the NHRA.
SMT is an entertainment and sports broadcasting vendor that specializes in virtual advertisements and projected graphics.
My Role
While working as an intern for the creative department I developed a graphic for The National Hot Rod Association.
The graphic debuted on September 3, 2017 on FOX sports 1.
Project description
Display the distance, speed, and elapsed time of both vehicles competing in a drag race. Update the required information at four set locations.
Design Restrictions
The graphic will exist in the screen below. For this project, computer generated images cannot interfere with the red overlay (i.e. the track).
Primary Goal
The primary goal is to enhance the story of the race. By providing more than just speed, the viewers are able to see at what moment in time a driver out performs their opponent.
  • Spacing - Limited space for graphic with substantial information.
  • Depth of Field - Show three-dimensional distance using only 2D graphics.
  • Red Zones - Graphic cannot infringe on driver line (i.e. the track).
Problem Solving
My solution was a system of distance markers running parallel to the track. A rectangular plate is used for displaying the required information.
the mechanics
The final design of the plate consists of four circular white lights – each representing a different distance marker. In theory, the distance markers on the track and coordinating plate lights will illuminate when a driver is near them.
final product
After finalizing the graphic's look and feel I packaged the file into smaller pieces. This allowed the software developers to make the graphic functional. The final product was born using SMT's camera tracking technology paired with the visual seen here.

The graphic debuted on September 3, 2017 on FOX sports 1.
This project forced me to acknowledge a perspective that I had not yet experienced as a designer. While focusing on both function and aesthetic, I also had to consider how television viewers digest information. I thoroughly enjoyed the collaboration between the creative, broadcast, and computer engineering departments. They each allowed me to see the process from start to finish and better understand fields I am not always exposed to. The ultimate reward however, was watching my design air on live television.

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